Birth mother__________(?) & Sarah Lynn Diane Harding

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Born: SARAH LYNN DIANE HARDING - May 13th 1982, @ Queensway General Hospital, Toronto Ontario. This is the one and only photo I have identifying my Birth Mother...Her name is yet unknown. I am looking for information leading to my birth family.

Background: Anglo-Saxon decent
Religion: Protestant faith
*There are 3 maternal aunts & 1 uncle*
*Maternal grandmother – born 1925 active woman, still working, enjoyed good health, mild diabetes.
Maternal Grandfather - deceased.

MOTHER (only child)
Born: approx. 1960 (approx. 22 @ the time of my birth)
(1960 - 1966) - lived w/ an aunt
(7 years are missing.....lived w. family friends…)
(1974) age 14 asked to be placed in CAS-
possible abuse from mother & stepfather
(1976) at age 16 left CAS - moved in with father (volatile, and problematic)
Hospitalized: 1984 - appendectomy & cyst removed

FATHER (1 brother, 3 sisters, two of whom were put up for adoption)
Born: approx. 1961 (approx. 21 @ the time of my birth)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Brown
Average Height, pleasant appearance, quiet manner,
Hoped to take an Apprenticeship Program
Canadian Anglo-Saxon decent
Enjoyed: sports
Completed graded 10
Worked as a bartender *when drinking, could be violent
Hospitalized: 1984 - suffered a collapsed lung after a serious cold
…where was he the first 6 years?
(1967-72) - entered CAS after his parents separated
…3 years unknown
(1975-77) - entered CAS again

GRANDMOTHER (mother’s mother)
Born: approx. 1943
Canadian Anglo-Saxon decent
Separated from 2ND second husband & an alcoholic at the time of my birth
Not close w/ my mother
*along with Stepfather – abused my “mother” (APPROX 1974)

Worked as a machine shop apprentice

at Queensway General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario (Etobicoke), Ontario Canada


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