Bonnie Lucille Fortner and a soldier named Homer

Photo Details

A photo of my mom Bonnie Lucille Fortner and a soldier named Homer. His last name is not known for sure. But from writing on the back his name may have been Homer Hollingsworth and was in Nashville,Tenn. in May 1943 when this picture was taken. Just the first 5 letters of his last name are known for sure. It was taken at 4th Avenue Studio Nashville,Tn. May 1943. One of his family may have been named Herman Hollingsworth and lived at 1709 Hayes St. in Nashville,Tenn. Trying to find out how he is related to my family or if he was a family friend.

Mystery: He may be a friend of the family or relative. Need to find out more about the branch of service and who he is.


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