Brenda, Great Granny Missouri Toole Redmon and Tamara Leigh

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This picture was taken at my Great Uncle John's and Great Aunt Francis Redmon's house in White City, FL. Uncle John was in the Forestry Service. Great Granny Missouri Toole Redmon was visiting them and I had never met her before. I was married to Duard Lee Wilson at the time and we were stationed at Fortuna, North Dakota at a radar station. I was visiting my mother, Robbie Jo and my step-father Jesse Talmadge Wright. Daddy had never seen Tammy before, (Mama was in North Dakota when Tammy was born), and I had come home for a visit.It was wonderful seeing my great grandmother and I am so glad we took the picture so there is something I can remember her by.
at Great Uncle John Redmon's house, White City, Florida USA


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