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My Mother found this in my Grandmother's picture box. Anna Halliday was a bridesmaid at her sisters wedding, probably in Detroit, Michigan.

The picture was taken by:
Ballaun and Prusinski
1150 Chene St.
402 E. Canfield Ave.


C Pagliolo Beautiful photo-I do find it odd the photographer would have her lean over like that. But it's great and I am happy that your kept this!
Oct 20, 2003 · Reply
Teddi Kella OMG, I think she is on of my ancestors. I have an Anna Halliday in my family tree.

My Anna Halliday m. Thomas Swallow and had two daughters, Anna Ruth Swallow and Grace A. Swallow. Anna Ruth was born in Detroit in 1885. Do you know any more about this photo? Who's wedding was she a bridesmaid? Please contact me if you have any more information. This is so exciting!!!!

[external link]
May 02, 2012 · Reply
Teddi Kella I forgot to mention that Anna Halliday was my great grandmother.
May 02, 2012 · Reply
Teddi Kella After studying the time frame and facial features--especially the eyes, neck and mouth, I think this photo is actually a photo of Anna's Daughter. I better fits the age of the person in the photo. Maybe your grandmother put Anna Halliday's name on the back because it was one of Anna's daughters (Grace or Anna Ruth) and she could not remember her daughter's name. (She looks like a young Anna Ruth to me.) If you go to [external link] which is her memorial on Find a Grave, you can easily compare this photo to the photo I found of an older Anna Ruth from her passport. I would love to own the actual photo. Please let me know if that is possible.
Feb 09, 2014 · Reply
Jacque Schwenke Hi Teddi! This certainly is taking me forever! Let me see if my Mom has more info on Thelma (my grandmother) and Anna. Sorry this is taking me so long! Jacque
Feb 10 · Reply
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