Brigitte Siltz & Mr & Mrs Schippang

Photo Details

The man on the right side with hat is described as "Mr. Schippang", the woman on his right side is described as "Mrs. Shippang. All the other people are members of the family "Siltz". Standing at the top of the table is my mother Brigitte Siltz.

The picture must be from 1935. It is taken in the garden of my grandparents Siltz in the town Neusalz, that is situated in the former province of "Deutsches Reich" Schlesien. Nowadays this region is in Poland, the town is called Nova Sol.

I have got no further informations about the Schippang family, especially no prenames, no dates, no information about anchestors or children. The only thing I know is that this couple has been very good friends with my grandparents.
at Garden of Erich Siltz, Neusalz / Oder (nowadays: Nova Sol, Poland), former province Germany


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