Brooks, George Barnard, & siblings Palmer family photo
Phillip Pitzer

Brooks, George Barnard, & siblings

Picture received from Uncle George Hill, 2006.
L-to-R standing is:
Lewis V. Carris (1840-1916), and seated in front of him is his wife Harriet "Hatt" Sophia Brooks Carris, (1847-1941).
2nd gentleman is John Byron Brooks (1863 - 1939), in front of him is his wife Ellen/Lillian Bigler Brooks,3rd gentleman is Jesse Viele Carris (1839 - ????), and in front of hiom is his wife Clarissa/Mary Brooks Carris (1842 - ????),
4th gentleman my great grandfather George Barnard Brooks (1833-1929), seated in front of him is his wife, my great grandmother, Catherine "Kate" Ann Carris Brooks (1845-1928).
5th gentleman is Hurbburt Palmer, and seated in front of him, his wife Sarah Brooks Palmer (1844 -????).
6th gentleman, James "Jim" Spencer Brooks (1852-1931), in front of him is his wife Caroline/Carrie Wood(s) Brooks.
Jim Brooks is holding Ray Waldran, his grandson.
Harriet, John, Mary, George, Sarah, and Jim Brooks are all brother and sisters.
Lewis, Jesse, and Catherine Carris are brother and sister.
This picture was taken before 1916, as Lewis Carris died in 1916. I do not know where picture was taken.
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Would sure like to hear from anyone who knows people in this picture. Phillip H. Pitzer at < [contact link] >
Oct 06, 2006 6:01 pm reply
Photo taken at Nickerson, Kansas USA on
Brooks, George Barnard, & siblings

George Barnard Brooks

Born: Aug 11, 1833
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: George Barnard Brooks at 82 years old  ·  Catherine "Kate" Ann Carris Brooks at 70 years old  ·  Harriet "Hatt" Sophia Brooks Carris at 68 years old  ·  Lewis V. Carris at 75 years old  ·  Jesse Viele Carris at 76 years old  ·  Clarissa J. Brooks at 73 years old  ·  Hulbert Palmer  ·  James Spencer Brooks at 63 years old  ·  Caroline Woods at 59 years old  ·  Lillian Bigler at 51 years old  ·  Ray Waldron at 1 years old  ·  Sarah (Barnett) Brooks at 71 years old  ·  John Brooks at 52 years old