Brother & Sister: D. L. Sheeks & Mary Isis Sheeks

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This picture postcard, dated 25 July 1917, was one of several Mary Isis Sheeks, Halbert's daughter, sent to John E. Carr at the Indiana State School for the Deaf. Mary had one of the most tragic lives imaginable. Her fourteen year old sister Carmie May died when Mary was only six. Her first born son, named after her husband, Raleigh V. Young, lived only five days in 1924. Her 28 year old brother, Cecil F., died of a ruptured appendix in 1925, leaving behind his wife, Naomi Murl Chastain, and six month old son, Robert E. I figure Mary married abt 1922 or 1923, but her husband died in 1933. Finally, her two sons, Hugh Franklin, 30, and Robert Leland, 28, were both killed when the plane they were piloting, crashed on her parents's farm on 20 June 1955. I guess no one could have suffered more except her parents, who also lost two babies in infancy, and her husband's parents. Mary later married a Mr. Graham and moved to Indianapolis.
in Lawrence County, Indiana


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