Brucker Grandkids - Three Lakes (WI) Centennial

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The grandchildren of the late Henry James Brucker Sr. and the late Nellie Sweet Brucker are shown on the Brucker farm in 1981, the 100th anniversary of the town of Three Lakes, WI. Left to right, the children are: Scott Christian Brucker, Kristen Kathleen Brucker, Robin Christine Brucker and Ryan Todd Brucker. Two of the children wear centennial sweatshirts. The farm was owned by the Brucker family from the early 1900's until 2005. Scott and Robin Brucker are the children of Dennis and Kathleen Brucker. Ryan and Kristen Brucker are the children of Henry Brucker, Jr. (1943-1989) and Nancy Brucker Garrett. Dennis Brucker continues to own a small portion of the farm; a lot facing Spirit Lake. Contact information has been changed to: [contact link]
at Brucker Family Farm, Three Lakes, Oneida County, Wis.


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