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SEATED ON THE FAR LEFT WITH AN "X" ON THE HAND ARE WILLLIAM ANDERSON BURNETT AND HIS WIFE (TO HIS RIGHT) JUDA(H)" Judy" Ann Brown {Wilson}Burnett . In the middle row the couple in the middle is Sarah Burnett and husband Eli Bozarth . In the bac row at the top of photograph - the couple on the far right are Thomas Armstrong and wife Martha {Burnett} Armstrong . The man in the back row , the first man on the left between 2 women is Anderson Warren Bernard Burnett . Of the 2 women that are with him one is Margaret {Armstrong} Burnett , the widow of Samuel Burnett and the other is Ada Bruce , the wife of Anderson Warren Bernard Burnett and mother of Della Ann {Burnett} Dyer . She is "thought" to be the woman on the right of Warren Burnett with her hand on his sholder . The other people who are "said to be" in this photograph are : Samuel, Ed & Alice Criswell. Abram and Margaret Armstrong .Bob and Alice Criswell and Joel and Emily Wilson . I am not sure of the Criswell family which name goes with which face . This photo was taken before Ada died in 1906 and as she was kept to bed for a time before she died and also due to how old Warren was this picture would have had to be taken between 1895 and 1905 as best I can tell .


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