Photo Details

Back row left to right:
Ethel Curtis Flamme, Nola Townsend Curtis, Buford Townsend, Allie (Mrs. Charles) Burns, Elmer "Toots" Flamme, Elma Kepler, Harold Carley, Freda (Ray) Kenyon, Lavercie Burns, Mable (Fishel) (Mrs. Lavercie) Burns, Carroll Kepler, Sr., Linnie (Mrs.Alva) Burns, Erma (Mrs. Ova) Burns, Vernie (Kepler) Mohrmann, George Felton, Beulah Felton (George's daughter) (Mrs. Hollis Fowell), Doris Mohrmann, Ollie (Mrs. Lester) Felton, Fred Mohrmann, Lester Felton, and Warren Cook.

Seated left to right:
Ora Burns, Uriah Burns, Alban Kepler holding Fred Mohrmann, Jr., Elizabeth (Mrs. Alban) Kepler holding Jean Kepler, Ollie (Mrs. Carroll, Sr.) Kepler hold Carroll Kepler, Jr., Sarah (Cox) (Mrs. Uriah) Burns, Dorthy Burns holding her child, Albie (Mrs. Ora) Burns holding Robert L. Burns, Erie (Burns) (Mrs. Warren) Cook and Vinnie Kepler Ray.

Front left to right:
Buck the dog, Camilla Burns Carley, Clarice Mohrmann, Sarah Burns grandson, Arthur Cook and unknown.


Lois Woody WHERE was the photo taken?
Mar 04, 2006 · Reply
Tammy Burns Picture was taken in Minnesota
Apr 29, 2007 · Reply
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