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this is my great, great-grandparent's trying to find more about them. I know about Catherine ( Dolan ) but don't know much about Burt. they lived in Flora township, Renville Co., Minnesota in 1870 & 1880 by the cencuses and it indicates that he was born in New York abt. 1835 and that his parent's were as well but don't know who they were. not even sure his first name is burt could be short for somthing or a nick name or something. they had 5 children Albert, Mary, Alice, John, Amanda all born in Minnesota.

Mystery: Need help finding out burt's family. Don't know anything about parent's or sibling's. can anyone help? it's been a brick wall.
in minnesota? USA


Steve Pickett Is Laurie Hayes still around
Aug 14, 2011 · Reply
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