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This is a photo of my paternal grandmother. Her name was Pauline Kochanski Wojcicki. We called her Busha, which is Polish for Grandma. She was born in Poland ,and came to the states and settled in Chicago IL. She met my grandfather, Edward Wojcicki, in Chicago, and they raised their family there. A picture of the whole family is here on my page. Kathy Jo Blake Bryant


Katarzyna Sobczynska Busha?In polish grandmother is "babcia",not busha.But it's very funny name :)
Nov 05, 2004 · Reply
Kathy Bryant Well, Katarzyna! Thanks for your comment....he he he! Busha is a funny name. I think she spelled it Boosha. I'd heard
grandmother was Babushka. Maybe not the correct spelling. She was very definitely
Polish. As to why she had us call her that,
I have no idea. She was born in Krytno. Do
they have different ways of saying it, depending on which area of Poland you're from? Who knows? All her grandchildren called
her that. I just spoke with one of my cousins
who I never met because of distance. She was
close to her. I mentioned calling her Busha, and she said she called her that, too. Family mystery I guess. Kathy Jo Bryant
Nov 05, 2004 · Reply
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