Butcher Shop In Edmonton, Canada

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This shop is gone now but it dates 1915.I have no idea where in Edmonton it could have been.

Mystery: I found this about 30 years ago and it finally resurfaced last week. The name behind in pencil if Mike Rosiel, Butcher Shop, Edmonton
at unknown, Edmonton, Alberta Canada


Beth Best Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta in Canada. Located a few hundred miles from Calgary (home of the Calgary Stampede) Banff national Park - the Rocky Mountains.
I'll send this to friends I have there. Good luck. Beth in Calgary.
Jul 04, 2004 · Reply
Marilyn Unknown I am an ex-Edmontonian. I believe the photo might have been taken in the Market area around 95-96 streets in Edmonton. I would suggest trying to locate a HENDERSONS DIRECTORY via the Edmonton Genealogical Society. They would also be able to give you better and more search information.
Good Luck.
Jul 11, 2004 · Reply
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