Buzzard Ladies Buzzard family photo
Arba Morrow

Buzzard Ladies

My grandmother Teresa Sabina Buzzard 1893-1982 always thought the lady seated, center was her grandmother. My research shows that her grandmother had died 7 years before this photo was taken in 1895.
I believe that these were her aunts..the center lady being the eldest remaining sister in law Erminda Buzzard 1850-? the lady on her right would be Sabina Buzzard ?-? the other 3 ladies I haven't identified yet. ... show more

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Photo taken at A Buzzard home Bangor, Northampton County, Pennsylvania USA on
Buzzard Ladies

Erminda Buzzard

Born: 1850
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Erminda Buzzard  ·  Sabina Buzzard