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This is Caleb Cummins Family, All those in the picture include all of his children and Grandchildren born up to this time. top row, Gus Cummins, wife Elizabeth, baby Gussie, Dick Cummins, Wife Nora, DAn Cummins , Wife Belle, Eleanor Cummins Underhill, and Fracis Marion, her husband (off the pic) Second Row:Bertha Cummins, Nancy McGraw(Lydia's Mother) Mae Cummins, Lucy Cummins, Lydia Cummins, Caleb Cummins, Ralph Underhill, Lydia Underhill, Woody Underhill, Babies are Sally Underhill and Ruth Cummins. Caleb Was in the Civil War.
at Ballard Co, Barlow, Kentucky USA


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