Cameraman lends helping hand to Justice McReynolds on...

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Cameraman lends helping hand to Justice McReynolds on 76th birthday. Washington, D.C., Feb. 3. A balkly lock on his auto door brought Supreme Court Justice James Clark McReynolds and cameramen closer today as one of the "boys" assisted the venerable Justice, who is celebrating his 76th birthday today, in opening the lock. Usually Justice McReynolds is camera-shy but after the lock episode today the dean of the Supreme Court Justices was just another "setup" for the photographers, 2/3/38

Part of the U.S. Library of Congress's Harris & Ewing Collection (Library of Congress).

Harris & Ewing, photographer
  • Glass negatives.
  • 1 negative : glass ; 4 x 5 in. or smaller
  • Gift; Harris & Ewing, Inc. 1955.
  • General information about the Harris & Ewing Collection is available at
  • Temp. note: Batch six.


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