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I'm sending you a photo of this man, please help me put a name to it.
I believe in my heart that this is my grandfather. He was in WW 2, I been searching now for many years, and I need to know his name. He was in the military, He entered the service from kentucky PRIVATE GEORGE E. FOGEL 35481624
he was the 904th
Field Artillery Battalion,79th Infantry Division. He died on November 14,1944
he's buried at: plot a row 15 grave 66 Epinal American Cemetery, Epinal, France
he was awarded the purple heart,can you please help me! Who is this man in the picture.
and if you can't please at least find me someone who can. My grandfather was born in Aurora, Indiana on May 31, 1913 I've been searching to find some photos of him, But I had no luck in finding them, but this one I found looks so much like my father.

Mystery: this picture was taken in France during the second war.
my grandfather was station over there at that time.
and about the same time as this picture was taken.
And this photo of this man looks so much like dad.
He was in Nomandy, France about around november.
at aurora, indiana USA


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