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Captain Charles H. Epps, Captain of Richmond, Virginia Police at the time of the murder of Lillian Madison by her cousin Thomas Cluverius c. 1885.
The following is a perhaps fictionalized account of the arrest from "The Recollections OF A Virginia Newspaper Man" BY HERBERT T. EZEKIEL

Captain Charles H. Epps who, with Policeman Logan S. Robins, made the arrest, gave me quite an interesting account of that event. They arrived about sunset. Captain Epps called Cluverius to the door as he was about to sit down to supper and said to him :
"Cluverius, I have a warrant for your arrest for murder."

Had an innocent man been thus approached, his first words would have been :
"Murder, who do they say I killed?" He replied :
"Wait until I get my hat and I will go with you."
The officers, however, ate supper with the family before leaving.
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