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Ogle family on front steps of St. Mary's church after Carl Franis Ogle (December 07, 1913-March 20, 1990) and Carrie Bea Hollingsworth (November 13,1923-May 31,2000)were married.Front row l-r: Mildred Ogle Bright(1915-1998)matron of honor, Carrie Bea and Carl, John Ignatius Bright(1913-1975)best man. Back row l-r:Charles Henry Ogle(1872-1947), Walter Edwin Ogle(1920-1978),Charles Dale Ogle(1924-1970), Martha McCullough Ogle(1915-2006)Mary Ellen Barry Ogle(1880-1952) and Ethel Marie Ogle Heelen (1917-2007)
at St. Mary's church, Paris, Edgar, Illinois USA


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