Catherine Veronica McCafferty

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Catherine Veronica McCafferty was born to James McCafferty and Jane Gallagher in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland on November 17, 1888 although I can't be certain of correct birth date as she always told me she was born in the year of the "Great Potato Famine" in Ireland and I've never sent for her birth certificate. When she came to the United States as a teenager she dropped the Mc from her name. She never married and spent her life working in the old Crocker Mills and Skinner Silk Mills of Holyoke with her cousin, Patrick James McAlpine, Sr. who was born in County Cork, Ireland. She also worked as a housekeeper for Doctor Gear of Holyoke, Ma. and private homes taking care of children and housekeeping.
at 4 Bissonnette Circle, Southampton, Massachusetts USA


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