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This is a collection of different photos that tell some of my family history. Benjamin Chandler and Sarah Marshall married in Augusta Co. VA. Married Oct 12 1879. My gg grandparents. Top left great grandparents William Chandler and Mary Shull. Top middle is note Sarah wrote for William to get married, as Benjamin was dead by then. Top right is my grandfather John Chandler who married Nora Helmick.
Bottom left is my father Charles Chandler. Bottom middle me, Larry,
and bottom right is oldest son Jason Chandler.
in USA


Janet Chandler My grandfather's name was Larry Benjamin Chandler. He married my grandmother Goldie Marie Negley and had three children, Mary, ? , and Howard (my father). After my father turned 2 yrs old him and my grandmother divorced. My father, Howard Larry Chandler, knew him up until my father was 2 years old. My father never saw him again until he was placed in a nursing home in the late 80's....would he have been from the same family as yours? The lived in the Ohio and Kentucky area.
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