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Masonic Lodge, Johnston Station, McIntosh County,GA. Identified in photo are: Standing, 7th from Left- Dr. David W. Baggs, MD, kneeling, 2nd from Left- Mr. Harry G. Williams,kneeling 3rd from left- Francis John Chapman, kneeling, 5th from Left- James Madison Twiggs Smith, kneeling 6th from left (With Hat) Thomas Jefferson 'Bud' Chapman, kneeling 1st from right- Thomas Edgar Houston, Altamaha Lodge was chartered in 1858. Two Confederate Army Vets pictured are Francis John Chapman and Thomas J. Chapman.


Ann Davis Actually, Johnston Station was not in McIntosh County, but in Liberty County.
Oct 13, 2003 · Reply
C Coleman-Chapman The URL says "In 1920 that portion of McIntosh became what is now Long County. Johnston Station was a station on the A&G RR & its name was changed to Ludowici, GA in 1905, and is now the County Seat of Long County
Oct 14, 2003 · Reply
C Coleman-Chapman This can be found at [external link]~usgenweb/ga/photo/mcintosh/altamaha227.html
Oct 14, 2003 · Reply
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