Charles and his brother, Fred Cook

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Charles Ray ("Jinks" or "Jinx") Cook and his brother, Fred William "Bud" Cook in the late 1930's or early 1940's in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio. They were the sons of Lena (Tribbey) and Charles Cook. Charles Ray was born in 1916 and Fred William was born in Dec. 1919. They were both born with the last name of Henry but probably didn't know it. They probably thought they didn't have birth certificates. It was believed their mother married their father, Charles Cook in 1914 but she didn't marry him until 1920. One or both of these men could be the son of Leroy Henry. Their mother was married to Leroy Henry from 1903-about 1920. Charles Cook was a boarder in Leroy and Lena's home from about 1918-1919 while Leroy was supposely in the U.S.A. (United States Army) but he probably would've been back from the Army by early 1919. This is in the city directory. Leroy would've been gone after Charles Ray was born and then back before their mother became pregnant with Fred. Leroy seems to be a bit of a mystery. Maybe he was not even in the home in the 1920 census. Charles could still possibly be the father of these men. Charles' sister, Mary (Cook) Cartwright was married to Leroy's brother, Edward Henry. They all knew each other well. No records have been found on Leroy after the Jan. 1920 census. Nobody knows what ever happened to him. No family members ever talked about him. His oldest grandson, Mark "Gene" Henry (born 1934) said he never thought about asking about his paternal grandfather. He also said his paternal grandmother, Lena wasn't a real 'grandmother' type of person. He was closer to his maternal grandparents instead (The Sositko family). No photographs have been found of Charles Cook or Leroy Henry to compare them to their children. Charles Cook was tall. His son, Charles was suppose to have looked something like him.
in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio


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