Charles Baynes Cale Family, Canada

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Photo of the Charles Baynes Cale family from Ontario, Canada.

Charles Baynes Cale was born in 1866 in Mitchell, Ontario to William & Lucy Cale. He married Sarah 'Sadie' Cooper on August 19, 1892 in Grey ounty, Ontario.

Sarah Cooper was born about 1870 to Thomas Cooper and Mary Armstrong.

Charles and Sarah Cooper Cale had the following children:
Norman Cooper Cale, born October 30, 1892
Gertrude Cale, born July 5, 1894, married Fred Smith
Beatrice Miriam Cale, born March 11, 1896 married Thomas Bewley
Ethel Beauchamp Cale, born May 11, 1898, married Charles MacPherson
Dorothy E. Cale, born 1902 & died 1911 (not in photo)
in Toronto, Ontario Canada


Ellen Sager Have been searching the Cale family and I have postcards Sara wrote to my great grandfather. I believe Sarah was Sara C. Cale. That is how she signed her postcards. Sadie was probably her niece.
I am very happy to have found this portrait. Anywone with more information on the family please e-mail Ellen at [contact link] Thanks, Ellen
Apr 11, 2012 · Reply
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