Charles H. Kimmerle Family, Michigan c1929

Taken in Michigan United States of America in .

Charles Kimmerle, his children, their spouses and kids in Michigan circa 1929.

From (standing), left to right: Charles Kimmerle, Jr., (unknown) , Josie Sears, Martha Sears. To right of her, standing behind: Flora Hain, David Hain, Ocenia Sears, Edward King, Mary King. Crouching or sitting, from left to right: Grover Kimmerle, (unkown) , Charles H. Kimmerle, Sr., Frannie Sears, Bill Hain, Proctor Resenhouse. To left of Frannie is her mother, Ruth Sears. To her right is Frances Kimmerle, Grover's second wife. Isabel Hain is either next to Charles, Jr. (left, standing) or behind Martha and Josie.
-- Sources: Katherine Kimmerle Follett (names written), Mary Jo (Follett) Wright (Katherine's daughter), Lisa (Hawn) Johnson (Mary Jo's daughter).

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