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Elizabeth Winters Do you know where your Jeffers is from? Illinois or mc cook nebraska?
Oct 12, 2003 · Reply
Elizabeth Winters I just now remembered Aaron was on of the Jeffers lines but where is your from?
Oct 26, 2003 · Reply
Tracy St. Claire I acquired this photo at auction, where a previous person added that post-it. I have no knowledge of this person or family.
Oct 27, 2003 · Reply
Elizabeth Winters Thank you for posting thisd pic I have posted it on Jeffers sites perhaps some one will know him. I reread your letter I see you just by Chance found this nice pic and shared it I thought you where from the line of Jeffers. Thank you again
Nov 09, 2003 · Reply
Lora Benzinger Charles Jeffers son of Aaron Perley Jeffers is a descendant of Stephen Jeffers Sr. of Grafton New Hampshire. Would love to hear from anyone else related.
Sep 16, 2007 · Reply
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