Charlie Beaird's Retirement Beaird family photo
Kalah Erwin

Charlie Beaird's Retirement

The Burgess' at Charlie Beaird's retirement from Humble, Texas plant.

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Charlie Madison Beaird retired from Humble Oil & Refining Company in Baytown, Texas in 1968. This is a picture of our family are the retirement party. Pictured are:Michael Stephen Burgess (grandson), James Edwin Burgess Sr. (son-in-law), Charlene Burgess (daughter), Laurie Irene Burgess (granddaughter),
Bottom Row: Ruby Palona Cook Beaird (wife), Maribeth Burgess (granddaughter), Charlie Madison Beaird (retiree), Kathryn Jane, Burgess (granddaughter), Janice Ann Burgess (granddaughter).
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