Christopher Carl, Elizabeth A. Wickham & Family Peyton family photo
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Christopher Carl, Elizabeth A. Wickham & Family

Seated left to right, front row: Christopher W. Carl aka Christian aka Samuel; Lucy Carl Reeves with her baby, Carl Reeves, on her lap; and Mrs. Christopher (Elizabeth A. Wickham) Carl.

Standing, left to right: Rebecca Emma Carl Peyton and her husband John H. Peyton, who are not believed to havehad children. Standing next to John may or may not be Walter R. Graves, a nephew of Alva Graves, husband of Florence Carl Graves, neither of whom are in the picture. Florence was another daughter of Christopher and Elizabeth. Walter was living with the Graves couple in the 1910 census. ... show more

The Mystery

Who is the boy standing to John H. Peyton's left? Is it his son or the nephew of Alva Graves, his brother-in-law?

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Photo taken at Meigs County, Ohio on
Christopher Carl, Elizabeth A. Wickham & Family

Christopher W. aka Christian aka Samuel Carl

Born: Apr 25, 1844
Died: unknown