Civil War Grave of Third Great Grandfather

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This is a picture of myself Philip Petropoulos at the grave site of my 3rd Great Grand Father Frederick Henry Bowditch.I had been searching his family for a long time and had been searching for his grave site for ever. A friend of mine asked me to come along to the Veterans Hospital at Togus, Maine and on the way back I just got a feeling he was there. Searching the Hospital burials I found his name and grave site a few days later and then made a trip up with my wife, it was very emotional for me. As I had spent so much time researching him. He is a Civil War Veteran and before Togus was a Veterans Hospital it was the Eastern Branch of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. It was the first home, there were more established throughout the country. Frederick contracted Malarial Poisoning while fighting with the 42nd Mass, Volunteer Infantry Regiment in New Orleans. You have to remember there was no medication for these diseases during that time. Frederick died in 1912.
at U.S. Military Cemetery, Togus, Maine USA


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