Photo Details

Tintype. Young man in Civil War Uniform. Rosy cheeks.

Mystery: The first photo in a Civil War? photo album. The album had been in the possession of Oren Winthrop Coburn 1882-1975. We know it contains identified ancestors: Silas Coburn of Buckfied, Maine 1815-1891 and his wife Laura Fobes of Paris, Maine 1810-1893. Both died in Crystal, Maine. Also identified are Lorenzo and Alonzo Coburn, twins b. 1851 in Lincoln, Maine. Also there is a clipping from a newspaper of 1877 (Lincoln, Maine) about Silas Coburn Sr.'s death and his recent photo with 5 generations. There are some calling cards in the album. Some tin-type photos, Cartes de visite, and miniature portraits. A few newer ones are from F. C. NEALEY PHOTO. Oren, Christopher, Silas, Silas, Jonas, Zachariah, Thomas, Edward COBURN.
at New England, Oxford, Penobscot, Aroostook Co., Maine, Maine USA


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