Clarissa Angella Laine Holmes 004

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I remember staying at Grandma's house once because I fell off the bed in the night. Uncle Harry tore the house down after he built his house & Grandma lived in Aunt Ellen's big house. I just barely remember being at Aunt Ellen's. Uncle Pat (George Patterson) was there, Aunt Cora's husband. Grandma said I mustn't care much for her since I didn't come over to her. Mama replied "She must care about her grandmother about as much her grandmother cares about her!" Uncle Pat got a big laugh. Grandma didn't approve of Mama's fancy clothes. Grandpa & his brother Tom went to work in Jones Co, Iowa & both courted her. She picked Grandpa & married Sep 28, 1854. I never knew she was French until I did genealogy. Her parents were John T Laine (1794) & Melissa Sherral (1807), both born in N. Carolina. Grandma Holmes died May 16, 1920.
at Beales Photography, Sacramento, California


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