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This photo of an unknown boy scout is absolutely amazing! I do not know the young boy, but it looks as though this photo could have been used to promote the Boy Scouts of America organization - it's that perfect.

Having been a boy scout for years myself, I have a true appreciation for this photo. I'm just glad I didn't have to wear pants that like when I was a young boy!

This photo was purchased in an antique shop in San Jose / Santa Clara California.

Mystery: Who is this mystery boy scout? What year does it look like this photo was taken?
in USA


Kathy Pinna Click here to add a comment
Jul 25, 2011 · Reply
Kathy Pinna As the mother of a boy scout, I love this photo! And I wish my son had worn neat pants like that!! ;)
Jul 25, 2011 · Reply
Lynita Tate He's wearing the new style shirt that came into play around 1922 so it looks like the 1920-era.
Jul 28, 2011 · Reply
Tracey Willis What was the reasoning behind the design of pants like that?
May 11, 2012 · Reply
Lynita Tate jodhpur-style breeches worn with tall boots became particularly associated with military staff officers who wore uniforms based on riding apparel, often derived from the cavalry tradition from which many nations historically drew their corps of top commanders. They originate from an ancient style of Indian trouser called the Churidar. (adapted from Wikipedia)
May 11, 2012 · Reply
Lynita Tate I think the reason was because it had become a very popular style in that era
May 12, 2012 · Reply
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