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Claude Allen Foote was postmaster of the Sulphur, Kentucky post office. Not sure when. Early 1900's to 1920 possibly. (Looking for his family as we have no information as to his parents, brothers, sisters, etc. Only that he was born in Kentucky in the late 1800's.)
in Sulphur?, Kentucky USA


Bonnie Johnson I may have found his family info. Possible parents were William A. Foote b. KY 1838, mother Annie.
KY Death cert. has Wil. A. Foote d. Fayette co. Apr. 1918, age 80, widow.
Claude may have died Oct 1932, all info ünknown"on death cert.
Still trying to find info on his wf. ..Elena, Elois, Azille..???
if you want you can e-mail me direct at [contact link]
not related to family
Feb 04, 2012 · Reply
Elena Murray Thank you to a very kind AF viewer, (see below), I was able to uncover a lot of info on Claude's family!
Feb 09, 2013 · Reply
Bonnie Johnson Hi Elena, I recall helping someone with this family a few years ago....was it you? I love to hear what you had uncovered!
Feb 10, 2013 · Reply
Elena Murray Hi! I sent you an email, if you still have same one.
Feb 10, 2013 · Reply
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