Col. William Randolph  Isham family photo
Barbara Pixley

Col. William Randolph

My 7th great-grandfather was born in Yorkshire and came to Virginia where he married Mary Isham. They are called the 'Adam and Eve of Virginia' because from their children would descend many of the most successful and powerful in the colonies. These include: Thomas Jefferson, who grew up with our Randolph family at Tuckahoe Plantation, John Marshall, Robert E. Lee, Presidents William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, President James Madison's wife Dolley and many other prominent and influential persons. A descendant of Pocahontas married a Randolph. For more about these lines go to the website: [external link] and [external link] under the tree name [external link] ... show more

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Col. William Randolph

William Randolph

Born: unknown
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: William Randolph