Collinwood School Fire March 1908

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172 students and 2 teachers lost their lives in the Collinwood Ohio school fire of March 1908. This is a photo of the mass burial of the victims of the fire.

The name of the school was Lakeview School - from pictures of the school, it looks like it was entirely destroyed.

Photo courtesy of the library of Congress, Bain Collection
at Cemetery, Collinwood, Ohio USA


Daniel Pinna It was a horrible disaster.

In fact, one of the rescuers was also killed attempting to save the lives of the children on March 4th 1908.

The Lake View School fire is considered one of the worst disasters of its kind to have ever occurred in the United States. Due to the wooden support beams and class room floors, once one beam caught on fire from a steam pipe the entire four story building burned in flames. It was a horrible site to view as children were burned and attempted to jump from the 3rd and 4th story.

Those victims of the fire that could not be identified were buried in a mass grave at the Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland.
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