Constantin Keremitzoglou or Keramefs, Turkey 1880 Keramefs family photo
George Vakos

Constantin Keremitzoglou or Keramefs, Turkey 1880

Constantin Keremitzoglou or Keramefs in year appr. 1880. The uncle of the wife of Vasili Vakos on his red horse. Greek medicin doctor traveling by horse to his patients in remote villages in eastern Thrace area, near the European part of Istanbul (Konstantinoupolis). in Ottoman empire.
He studied general medicine in Leipzig Germany.
His bio is very exiting and interesting. He was born in Eastern Thace area belonging to Othoman empire in 1864 in the city named in greek: 40 Ekklisie (its contemporary name in turkish is: Kirklareli) and died in Thessaloniki /Greece in 1929
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About Constantin Keremitzoglou

Married to the Greek :Hrisi, daughter of Ioannis Sirmas, in 40 Eklisies (now Kirklareli in Eastern Thrace-Turkey).in appr. 1899 AD. He changed his name from Keremitzoglou to Keramefs or Kerameas during his study in Germany. because he wanted a Greek one. ...more info

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George Vakos The original name in Turkey in the 19th century was KEREMITZOGLOY. After the family emigrated to Greece in the beginning of the 20th century, the name changed to KERAMEFS or KERAMEAS
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Photo taken at 40 Ekklisie now Kirklareli, eastern Thrace Turkey
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