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The experienced hands of seamstress Cora Smith Kayser show the nearly lost art of tatting, tying thread in knots and shapes to make a piece similar in appearance to lace. I took this when Grandma Cora was in her seventies and teaching a group of young girls trying to learn the craft.

Cora M. Smith, [b.30 Jan 1903-Hempstead, Arkansas; d.1 Jul 1991-Little Rock, Pulaski Co, Arkansas; bd. Primrose Cem, Sweet Home, Arkansas].

Cora m1) Henry "Hank" Kayser. Both of them widowed, she m2) Hank's older brother, Louis C. Kayser. As a teenager, she had dated both brothers. Louis and his brother Charles served in France in WWI. Hank, the youngest child, was too young to go. He stayed home to help his widowed mother with the farm, and as Cora said, "he swooped in" on the lovely Miss Cora and "stole her heart."
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