Credit WCT. Photographic copy of photograph, view looking...

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Credit WCT. Photographic copy of photograph, view looking northeast down onto new Dd test station from Test Stand "D" tower. Hatch of Dd test cell is open, and a test engine sits on a dolly nearby awaiting mounting. Note the water-cooled diffuser on the east end of the test chamber; this was soon replaced with a new diffuser and a steam-driven ejector for simulated high-altitude tests. A closed circuit television camera is mounted on the west end of the test cell. At the lower left of the view are fuel and oxidizer run tanks which supply propellants for test runs. (JPL negative no. 384-2650-A, 8 February 1961) - Jet Propulsion Laboratory Edwards Facility, Test Stand D, Edwards Air Force Base, Boron, Kern County, CA
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