Curd Cox/Texas- 1925 Estate, Burnet Co., 1 of 5

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Curd Cox-age 44 (grandson of old Curd Cox b. 1762 of Knox Co., TN) appears in the Burnet Co., Texas Census of 1880 with Anna__ (age 31), Thomas H(enry) (11), Jesse B. (7), & Ella (4 months). The 1910 Burnet Co., TX. census shows Curd (age 73) with son Walter (22) & daughter Lula (17); Walter lists his occupation as a barber. Jesse B. Cox died before his father, & Walter became the Executor of Curd's estate. Jesse B(locker) Cox had a wife also named Anna (Wagenfuhr) and children when he died in 1920 in a train wreck, resulting in his children's guardian recovering a Judgment of $2000 from the Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Railway Co. I'm still researching Walter, but his older brother Thomas Henry Cox (age 41) is shown in the 1910 census with wife Alice E. (34), sons Thomas Garland Cox (7) & Alexander C. Cox (5). DCox-Halls Crossroads
in Marble Falls, Burnet Co., Texas


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