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Why We Started This Company We have all seen the films. Mankind has always had an inherent interest in flying. Our mission was to create an indoor environment where one can safely hover for entertainment in a controlled area. What Sets Us Apart Well, at Hoverink, you will fly. Our proprietary accomplishments rest in our ability to create such an environment Our Keys To Success We provide full-service hover for entertainment purposes to our target customer base: families with children and adults that live within a convenient driving distance from our Hoverink Our Accomplishments NASDAQ LISTING Hoverink’s indoor amusement and entertainment park is truly cutting edge and admired by many.We seek to build our brand by effectively bringing this product to market. We also plan to list on: NASDAQ Capital Markets Our request to reserve the ticker symbol "HOVR" for HOVERINK, INC has been approved by NASDAQ Capital Market and will be reserved for us for twenty four months from the date of the reservation 26 April 2014. IPO SUPPORT from NASDAQ Corporate Services ...more info

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Founder of Hoverink, Where You Will Fly
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Cyrus Sajna

Cyrus Sajna

Born: May 26, 1981 in Chicago, IL
Died: This person is still alive.
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