Damase & Elmire Roberge Family, Maine Roberge family photo
Michael Roberge

Damase & Elmire Roberge Family, Maine

A family portrait (1905 approx). of the Damase & Elmire Roberge in Biddeford, Maine taken shortly after emigrating from Wolfetown Quebec in 1899.

In this photo: Edgar roberge , annie roberge -pinette, damase roberge ,damase roberge, jr., amedee roberge, roseanne roberge, elmire roberge, archille roberge, arthur roberge, and alphonsine roberge-langevine ... show more

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Photo taken at Damase Roberge Biddeford, Maine USA on
Damase & Elmire Roberge Family, Maine

edgar roberge

Born: Apr 3, 1897
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: edgar roberge at 7 years old  ·  annie roberge -pinette at 17 years old  ·  damase roberge at 55 years old  ·  amedee roberge at 4 years old  ·  roseanne roberge at 19 years old  ·  elmire roberge at 51 years old  ·  archille roberge at 15 years old  ·  arthur roberge at 13 years old  ·  alphonsine roberge-langevine at 13 years old