David Ayotte Family, Maine 1910 Ayotte family photo
PeterJ. Cobb

David Ayotte Family, Maine 1910

Here is a portrait of the David Ayotte Family in Grand Isle, ME circa 1910. From Left to right is Albert, then Odile, the father David with the baby Marie Simon, the Mother Emma, the grandmother, Anastasie (Cyr) Ayotte, and the little boy is Joseph Peter. This photo was taken about 1910. David ismy great-great uncle, with my great great grandmother, Anastasie. ... show more

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Thanks for posting this. I have a large family tree that goes back very far, and I have been meanng to check if I am related to these folks. The area sounds familiar..
Feb 04 7:18 pm reply
Photo taken at Grand Isle, Me, Aroostook County, Maine USA
David Ayotte Family, Maine 1910

Albert Ayotte

Born: unknown
Died: unknown