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in Korea County


Greg Pacheco Dad during the Korean War
Apr 21, 2013 · Reply
Filipe Medeiros Oh wow. I would love to make a collection of Luso-Americans during wartime. Favoriting this photo
Apr 26, 2013 · Reply
Kent Clizbe David,

Your Dad is in charge of a "M20 Super-Bazooka antitank rocket launcher was developed toward the end of WW2 as a more powerful and effective variant of the original M1 / M9 Bazooka antitank rocket launcher. Its effectiveness was enhanced by increasing shaped charge warhead diameter from 60 to 89 millimeters. The launcher tube diameter was also increased to accommodate larger and more powerful rocket. First used operationally during Korean war, the M20 Super-Bazooka antitank rocket launchers and its rockets proved to be quite effective, and US Armed forces used Super-Bazookas in several variants until early part of the Vietnam war. During the Vietnam War M20 launchers were generally replaced by much more compact disposable M72 LAW anti-tank."
May 13, 2013 · Reply
Alicia Payne-Howard My grandfather Marlin Lawrence Thevenin was also in the korean war. I know he earned the purple heart but i dont know anything else about him or his history. He never spoke about his time in the military. I was hoping somebody could help me find some info on him/family history since im having no luck on my own....thank you.
May 26, 2013 · Reply
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