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About David Gideon Prescod, Sr.

A Synopsis of Details As a crime investigative reporter he covered stories on the likes of (but not limited to) Michael Abdul Malik (aka Malcolm X - born Michael De Freitas), Mano Benjamin, the Poolool Brothers, the Black Power Revolution in 1970, and many more. Because of his line of work he was well known to all the officers at CID and built a close relationship with then Commissioner of Police, Randolph Burroughs. On many occasions he would tell stories about his early life in Barbados; his participation in World War II; and the many places he traveled to. As a believer in education, Math & English were seen as subjects that were crucial to developing the skills needed for later life. He often reminisced of the time spent with his brothers and sisters in Barbados, and was apparently very close to Uncle Stanley, St. Clair Alexander (known as Uncle Alec), and his half-brother Percy Earl Blackman. Despite his many years in Trinidad & Tobago he remained a true Barbadian. Family meant everything to him and he used every opportunity to ensure that we not only knew of each other but that we are connected with each other. So much so, he made it a priority that a connection was made with Peter, Margaret, and Rosaline on my first visit to the USA. He also spoke with passion about Leroy, Maria, and Ann (his brother St. Clair Alexander children who were close to him), and viewed them as his own. With a passion for life he loved to entertain, just as much as he enjoyed being entertained. With a penchant for good tasting spirits, he garnered as much inspiration from a bottle, as he did his work, and the Bible. A true believer, he spent many a day reading the Bible from early morning and could be found in the same spot late in the evening doing the same with the occasional breaks to eat. Whether sober or well-oiled he was always able to articulate his point of views on the Bible with passion and accuracy. He also believed that when his time comes that he would be re-united with “Pappy” and the rest. He was found in a kneeling position against his bed by David Prescod, Jr. on the morning of June 10th, 2006 – he was gone. And even in his presence, his overall joy of life and his philosophy on family, it was not until much later in life that knowledge of five additional siblings came to light - Anslem, Astrid, Andru, Ainsley, and Alan. Unfortunately, Anslem’s life was cut short due to illness, before we were able to welcome him as we did the others. Scripture Reading (Pslam 121) Robert Prescod ...more info

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