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Paul Dport Hello:Hensley-- Horton
I made a comment about a Hensley-Horton, but it got lost. Just Vanished and I tried every way to re-cover as I put some time composing and it is heartbreaking when it goes away like that. My comment:My Grandmother's Mother was Nancy Jane (Horton)Markle. I they were related to Hensley. They lived and died in Miller County Missouri. Back some 65 yrs ago I went to a 1 room school to that had a beautiful Sweet Young Girl teaching. Dorothy Hensley. Could You possibly be that Dorothy? Me and all the other students loved her. She prob was in or close to her her first years of teaching as she was young. I often thought of her and can see her in My mind now. My how she stays so young.
My sister and I walked the 1 mile home with her every day. I once talked her out of her eversharp pencil My sister told on Me and My parents made Me give it back. Thanks for the memories --Paul
Aug 08, 2004 · Reply
Dorothy Allen Hello Paul, Appreciate comment. I am not your Dorothy Hensley. Sorry I cannot add to your nice memories, but keep the memories alive. That is what keeps us going. My Hortons were in Georgia. Submitted by Dorothy Allen Aug 30, 2004
Aug 30, 2004 · Reply
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