Davis H Moreland/Delilah Olinger

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Left Side:My GGGGG-Grandparent's Davis H. Moreland and Delilah "Dilly" Olinger. The couple on the right are their Son-in-law Walter Daniel Dooly and their Daughter Sarah Louisa Moreland. Louisa is sister to Mary Elisabeth Moreland and Walter Daniel Dooly is brother to John Jefferson Dooly. 2 Dooly Brother's married 2 Moreland Sisters. The children in this picture belong to Sarah Louisa and Walter. Children's names are Rosa L, Walter J., Ida Delilah, Cora Anna, Mollie, Walter Daniel Jr., Fannie Clara, and Amanda "Mellie" Melvinia, In no certain order sorry. What I find fascinating about this pic is that Davis H. was supposedly Half-Black and Half-Cherokee. Davis's Parent's were Thomas Moreland and Delilah Adams. I would like to learn more. If you have any input Please contact me, Thank You Sincerely.
in Fannin County, Texas


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