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Barbara Hubbard This photo looks like? My Uncle Charles Davis and Aunt Ella Davis, but there are so very many Davis's. This is a common name. Charles was my grandfather's brother. My Grandfather was Hardy Mitchell Davis who married Maude Catherine Staner. Grandpa's DAD's name was Charles Edward Davis, which was a bibbamist. He had 2 wives. Would like to find more information on this. Thank you for your time
May 31, 2006 · Reply
Barbara Hubbard The statement I wrote the wrong word. Charles Edward Davis was a biggamist.
May 31, 2006 · Reply
Karen Blankenship i have no doubt that this is a picture of my davis clan. this is a picture of my mothers aunt ella . i have additional pictures of her. my mothers dad was william davis from stone county missouri and the man in this photo looks exactly like my uncle flay and aunt jean .
Aug 03, 2009 · Reply
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