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Day Family

This is the Day family when living in Malaka, IA near Newton.
Charlotte Heisler is the third wife of William. Her sister nancy died soon after giving birth to the third eldest child, Cora. The sisters are buried in the Malaka Cemetary near Newton, IA.

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Day Family

Cora B Day(Bryant-Barry)

Born: Oct 17, 1865
Died: unknown
Also in this photo: Cora B Day(Bryant-Barry) at 13 years old  ·  William A Day at 57 years old  ·  Charlotte J Heisler at 36 years old  ·  George E Day at 18 years old  ·  Fran E Day at 15 years old  ·  Ida E Day(Lyon) at 6 years old  ·  John E Day at 10 years old  ·  David A Day at 2 years old