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This is the stagecoach that belonged to the DeMoss family. Oregon's most famous musical family. The DeMoss Family Lyric Bards, as they were called, soon became the west's favorite entertainment group and were enthusiastically welcomed at many remote cow towns and mining camps as they toured throughout the western states. They preformed for Congress and the crowned heads of Europe.
The family, consisting of Reverend James DeMoss , his wife, Elizabeth Bonebrake, and their five children, Henry Sumpter , George Grant, Lizzie Irene, Minnie V. and May. Later Waldo and Aurelia Davis, who were cousins, joined them. They wrote most of their own songs and played forty-one different musical instruments. While not on concert tour in America or Europe, the family spent their summers on the DeMoss Springs Ranch in eastern Oregon's Sherman County. They wrote the Oregon's State song "Oregon, My Sweet Oregon" and end every performance with it. They toured for 40 years.
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