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Dennis Donald Tafte

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January 29, 1964 I gave birth to Dennis son, William. I was forced by my parents to put the baby up for adoption because I was only 15 yrs. old. At that time they had no services for unwed mothers and their babies. It broke my heart to loose our son and ultimately loose Dennis and all contact with him because of my parents. I often wonder how different my life would have been had Dennis and I been able to stay together. Through my life i have thought of him so often and missed the wonderful person who touched my life in such a special and magical way. I miss him still. He did get to meet, as did I our son but I never did know how their meeting went. I pray you are in God's tender care Dennis and will always love you. You made me feel so loved and special and I will never forget the time we had together or the love we shared. ...more info

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Dennis Donald Tafte

Dennis Donald Tafte

Born: Jun 4, 1947
Died: Aug 10, 2007 (age 60)
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